PORTLAND, OR (February 13, 2020) – Beyond Pulse and Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) have entered into a strategic partnership, combining ECNL’s industry leading youth soccer development programs with Beyond Pulse’s Smart Belt technology to enhance youth club training environments.

Launching at the National Selection games this February and extending through the spring 2020 season, Beyond Pulse will equip ECNL member club’s youth teams with Beyond Pulse Smart Belts and provide coaching education to ECNL coaches, players and parents.

“Beyond Pulse is excited to join forces with one of the most forward-thinking and innovative youth soccer organizations globally,” stated Mark Wilson, Beyond Pulse Co-Founder. “More than a partnership, we aim to serve the ECNL and every partner club by supporting them in coach education with our own Active Participation metric & player development to help make the game better.”

Through access to Beyond Pulse Smart Wearable Technology, and visibility into each session’s Active Participation metric, the coaches, players and parents of ECNL will gain advanced insight into player health and training session efficacy, with the goal of creating elevated learning environments.

“The challenge with wearable technology has always been the cost and the ability to easily use and digest the information available,” said ECNL President Christian Lavers. “Beyond Pulse has incredibly efficient technology and provides a simple and intuitive data summary that will help coaches and players understand a variety of work-rate, load, and recovery issues quickly. Through this relationship we are excited to be able to offer our clubs the ability to test the product at no cost and risk, and to provide free use for top players and teams at marquee events.”

Beyond Pulse is the proud presenting sponsor of the ECNL Girls “National Selection Games” and the ECNL Boys “Featured Match of the Day,” two unique platforms at ECNL National Events throughout the year. Players participating in these matches will have the opportunity to wear Smart Belts and receive personal data and analysis after the match. In addition to the above, Beyond Pulse will also be working with the ECNL Boys to unveil an exciting new award series that will focus on aspects of performance and leadership to be announced this spring.


About Beyond Pulse: Beyond Pulse Smart Belts empower coaches and players by providing access to actionable developmental data, resulting in better training sessions. Through wearable technology, Beyond Pulse provides objective player feedback, so coaches are better informed to conduct sessions where their teams are engaged and learning to their full potential.

Beyond Pulse has changed and simplified the process of using technology — no computer by the field, no antenna, no charging after each practice and no complicated reports. Coaches use their own smartphone to start & end the session.

About Beyond Pulse’s Active Participation metric : Beyond Pulse believes youth sports should be a place of learning—about the game, about character, about communication. Children want to play. They learn by playing, and the research has shown that the more active they are during practice, the more they will have fun, and the more they will develop. Beyond Pulse’s Active Participation metric relays the percentage of time that a player is “active” during a session, so standards can be set around this KPI. For youth sports teams that want to make the most of every practice, Beyond Pulse is the Active Participation System that provides objective insight into player engagement, so coaches can plan and implement more productive, more inspiring sessions.


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