Our Story

The Beyond Pulse idea was born out of a desire to help coaches better understand the health and performance of their players. With coaching education at the center, the core strength of Beyond Pulse lies with the unique team of people who are both experts in their field and passionate about achieving the Beyond Pulse mission.


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Matt Pell

Imagination is the key to coaching. When Matt watches a game, he sees things others don’t. Not because he’s looking more closely at individual plays. But because he sees what’s possible. As a coach, Matt helps teams think about the game more creatively, so they can see the field more clearly. As CEO of Beyond Pulse, he applies learnings from his varied experience across professional sports, finance, education, and entertainment, to nurture a culture of curiosity and personal growth. When not on the field, Matt’s constant companion is a book—just ask him what he’s reading today.

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People never forget how you make them feel. When Michael was first introduced to Beyond Pulse, it was the idea of helping coaches reflect on how they coach that captured his imagination. Michael believes that with better coaching, not only can youth sports be more enjoyable, but they can also inspire lifelong sports participation. His passion for understanding how sports can help unify fragmented societies drives the Beyond Pulse team to have a meaningful role in this larger transformative movement.

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Joe Romriell

With a boundless curiosity for technological possibilities, Joe embraces a "what if" mindset, blending a passion for innovation with a commitment to building impactful products and companies. Having elevated startups into renowned entities with award-winning technology, he exemplifies people-first leadership, focusing on fostering diverse, top-tier talent to achieve organizational and product excellence. Joe's enthusiasm for Beyond Pulse stems from a love for sports and fitness intertwined with a relentless aspiration to develop transformative technology, creating a nexus between physical vitality and tech innovation.

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