Wearable sports technology for players and teams, delivering immediate feedback on performance and engagement in all athletic settings.

• Daily & weekly performance reports

• 24-7 service/customer support

• Simple user dashboard

  • $50 annual platform fee beginning year 3+
  • Teams
  • One-time payment covers first two years
  • $50 annual platform fee year 3+
  • whyBeyond Pulse

    Each Beyond Pulse Smart Belt unit includes a smart sensor, adjustable strap and mesh carrying case. The sensor is waterproof and is powered by a CR2025 button cell battery which will last for 4 to 8 months for an average player. The strap is machine washable. We offer a minimum 12 month warranty on the equipment. The life expectancy of the sensor is four to five years.

    The Beyond PulsePlatform

    The Beyond Pulse apps are available to iOS and Android users, designed to start and stop sessions and display data at a glance. The web-based platform offers a dashboard so you can explore the data and generate reports at a deeper level. Access to platforms and data for the first year are included in the price of each Beyond Pulse Smart Belt.

    BP(for players) app:

    allows players to record sessions from their phone when training at home. Sessions populate on coach's dashboard to review. Promotes connectivity between player and coach when apart.

    BP(for coaches) app:

    quickly sync the whole team with a press of a button. Players receive a session summary of their individual performance and coach receives a summary of the entire team when session ends.


    As part of any partnership, our team of Beyond Pulse educators is available to support your club whenever needed. Beyond Pulse will host FREE webinars with your coaches, parents and players so your membership can learn how to use the Beyond Pulse technology and understand the data they will be receiving.