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parent iconPARENT FAQ

We firmly believe our technology can help guide coaches to deliver more efficient, engaging and dynamic practices that will enhance the overall development of your player as well as make for a more enjoyable practice environment. This will better inform the coaches as to the training requirements for each child within the team and help ensure a minimum standard of coaching quality for every practice!

We are fully committed to protecting the privacy of your child’s information. Please see our Privacy Policy in full ( for information on the data we collect and how we use and disclose this information through our Smart Belt Technology and App.

Your team's coach and director of coaching (if you are playing at the club level) will be able to see your team's data in addition to yourself. If you are using your Smart Belt in the University or High School environment, it is also likely that your assistant coaches and strength and conditioning coaches will have access to track your progress!

coach iconCOACH FAQ

Our coaching dashboard is designed in a layered format giving coaches access to each of their teams. The Club’s DOC and/or Technical Director will have super user access allowing them to see every team and player in the club. Players and their parents have access to their own information through their own player dashboard as well as the ability to record their own individual training sessions and other sports activities through the Player App directly on their phone.

The BP Smart Belts are appropriate for ages 8 and above. While focus on individual data is not a primary concern at the younger ages, we believe that coaches can learn about the efficiency of their coaching practices starting with the youngest groups. At these fundamental ages of development, it is crucial to develop good training habits and coaching practice. This is why we feel so strongly about our Active Participation metric which simply records how much time the kids spend playing vs. standing still!

NO! We know that one of the biggest barriers for any technology in youth sports is the complexity of the technology and the process for coaches to use it can be incredibly time consuming. At Beyond Pulse, we fully understand the demands placed upon coaches and we wanted to create a process that would be simple and stress-free. All coaches need is 10 seconds at the start of practice, 10 seconds at the end of practice and within a couple taps on their app, we can have access to the data!

player iconPLAYER FAQ

YES! Right now all players have access to their own Player Dashboard where they can see a calendar view of their own activity history and analyze their own sessions. Players also receive this information in an automated e-mail report immediately after each session.

The fundamental purpose of Beyond Pulse and the data collection is to support coaching education and youth development. It is the shared role of the Coach to ensure the ethical and proper usage of the data depending on age and ability level within each club. If anything, we believe this data will increase your engagement and activity levels in your team which will only be more fun for you!

Yes - it is very similar! However we have made the Smart Belts easier to use and capture your data within an instant. You also have access to combined Heart Rate and Accelerometer data that shows different information on your movement around the field.